SUTENT 50 mg Sunitinib Manufactured by Pfizer, brand Sutent Capsule is a medicine used to treat cancer by preventing the activity of a special group of proteins which are known to be involved in the growth and spread, get Sutent Online Details, Reviews,

How will this medication work? what is going to it do for me?

Sunitinib belongs to the cluster of cancer-fighting medications called antineoplastics and additional specifically to a category of medicines referred to as aminoalkanoic acid enzyme inhibitors. These medications area unit antitumor medications that slow the expansion of blood vessels that feed nutrients to cancer cells by disrupting cell communication. By deceleration the expansion of those blood vessels, sunitinib will facilitate scale back the scale of tumours, that could be a assortment of cancer cells.

Sunitinib is employed to treat a cancer of the bowels and abdomen referred to as channel stromal growth (GIST) once treatment with imatinib doesn’t work.